Jb web developer | Instructor Desishub coding school


I’m a web developer, grahics-designer ,a teacher and founder of Desishub with a great passion for building things with code. I live in the Kireka-Kampala Uganda, where I create amazing, graphics, websites and apps, just like you're gonna build in one of my courses.

As an online instructor, I get to mix my two great passions: building things with code and teaching. If I had to describe my coding courses in one sentence, I would say “These are exactly the courses I wish I had when I first started with web design and development”.

I want to spare you the pain of going through countless books and articles, so I packed everything I learned about building websites and graphics right into my video courses.

I guarantee 100% to offer the best value in all my courses, so you can achieve your goals! Plus, I will be available to answer all the questions you might have along your coding or designing journey. So, let's start learning today!